Ms. Swygard

Language Arts Team

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    Hello! I am Ms. Swygard (s-why-guard). I graduated from Southeastern University (go to college, kids! It was the best four years of my life!). I majored in English and finished with three minors: secondary English education, Bible, and religion. I have taught in Costa Rica for three summers, co-taught an American lit course at SEU (practicum), and have taught for three years (11th and 12th grade English at WHHS & 10th & 11th grade English at McKeel the last 2 years). I am excited to teach 10th and 11th ELA again going into my fourth year of teaching!

    When I am not lesson planning, teaching, and grading, I love kayaking, picnicking, and hanging out with my favorite youth group kids at Oasis Community Church. I have a passion for foster kids, a knack for scrapbooking, and a twin sister to enjoy it all with me. Best of all, I love connecting with others (with cultures, feelings, wants, hurts, other perspectives) and finding myself too--reading literature helps me to do that, and writing helps to liberate my thoughts, enabling them to reach deeper, to seek truth, and to explore possibilities. I cannot wait to learn along with you this year.  

To view the Open House video for 11th grade, click HERE

To view the Open House video for 10th grade, click HERE.

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