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August 2018 begins my 23rd year at McKeel.  I graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1994 and moved to Lakeland in 1995.  I have taught Math, Spanish, Integrated Research, ALPHA (Gifted), Beginning Programming Concepts, Middle and High School Robotics, Critical & Computational Thinking, Introduction to Information Technology, IT Systems and Applications, AP Computer Science Principles, and this year AP Computer Science A (Java).  I am currently certified to teach Spanish K-12, Elementary K-6, Computer Science K-12, Engineering & Technology Education 6-12, and I have endorsements for Gifted and Coaching.  I serve as the contact for the Gifted program here at McKeel Academy.  This year I will be teaching Foundations of Robotics, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A, and co-teaching Robotics 3&4 with Mr. SchweimI am very enthusiastic about all the great things that will be accomplished this year!


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