Mrs. Burless

Social Studies Team

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Hello Wildcats!  This is my fifth year teaching 10th grade World History and World History Honors at MAT and my second year teaching AP World History.  I received my Bachelor's degree in Business from Florida Southern College and started a career in Marketing before I decided to become a teacher.  I love teaching any and all things history and government.  In 2018 I completed the National Geographic teacher's program and I am now a National Geographic Certified Teacher.  

In my World History class we will take a journey around the world and through time learning about different cultures, time periods, and civilizations.  We will use technology and hands (when able) on activities to give us a better understanding of the past and why it is important to us today.  

My class theme this year is 'Adventure Awaits'!  Pack your bags (backpacks) and get ready for an adventure through time as we travel around the world and discover the traditions, people, and events that brought us to this point in human history.  The best part, you don't even need a passport.  

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