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This is my 15th year teaching at McKeel Academy. Previously, I taught middle school and high school for a few years in Osceola County. I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in Political Science in the Pre-Law track. During college I interned for a law firm while living in Washington D.C. through a program called the Washington Center. I also coached cheerleading throughout college which influenced my decision later to switch to education.

Since I began teaching I have earned my Master’s Degree in Instructional Media and 21st century teaching through Wilkes University and Discovery Education. This past Summer I completed my second Master’s degree in American History and Government with Ashland University. I am a 2015 recipient and participant of the James Madison National Senior Fellowship Scholarship. I traveled this summer to Georgetown University for one month to complete the Madison Constitutional Foundations Colloquium in Washington D.C. with the other 2015 fellows. I also participated in a four year federal Teaching American History Grant program aimed to expand and develop instructional strategies which incorporate the National Standards, Common Core, and primary sources with technology. The grant was completed in partnership with a group of teachers from Polk County Schools, National Boards, Historians, the National Council for History Education and the Smithsonian. My students this year will be using ipads and multiple technology applications as we examine history through a variety of primary and secondary resources.

My novice historians will study American History in my 11th grade classes. Students use ipads to access and turn in assignments to our online classroom in Canvas. We use a wide variety of online resources and web 2.0. applications through the ipas. Students should bring their iPads and headphones everyday. The students will also need to bring their classroom supplies each day. Access to the internet  for their ipad everyday is important in a technology inclusive classroom. One item that is highly recommended but not required is a microphone to use for projects, virtual meetings and assignments like podcasts and videos. Students who do not have access to Internet may use the school library before or after school, the public library, or any other public access point. I am available for students who need assistance in he course after school by appoitment.

My number one goal for you is to learn the necessary college and career readiness skills that are essential for you to reach your personal ambitions as a productive, contributing member of our community. Florida's transitions into College and Career Readines Standards aswell as End of Course Testing requires students to utilize a new skill set of critical thinking and problem solving skills as 21st century learners entering a competitive global workforce. I look forward to instructing and leading each of you along the path to acquiring these crucial skills.

I’m also the McKeel Academy Youth in Government Sponsor. YIG is open to middle and high school students and is a mock competition and leadership service club that simulates the different branches of state government. This club works in partnership with the Lakeland family, YMCA, and other local chapters of nearby schools. 

Finally I am the Rock Around the Clock sponsor. Rock Around the Clock is an 11th grade performance based project that has been part of the McKeel Academy curriculum for the past twenty years. Every student when they take U.S. History whether they are in an advanced placement, honors, regular or self contained U.S. History course participates in RAC. The students perform historical research related to pop culture based on the song and music genre their group has selected from the RAC list of songs for the year. They use this research to complete the performance tasks that are outlined in the RAC Canvas course to meet the specific Florida Sunshine State Standards for relating works in the arts through dance, music, theatre, and visual arts of varying styles and genre according to the periods in which they were created. Click Here to view the previous performances from 2016. 

Please feel free to contact me with questions throughout the year by logging and emailing me from your mckeel parent account. I look forward to another great year. 

Click Here to view my introduction video to U.S. History 

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