Ana Zamora

Ana Zamora

Spanish Team

Hola I'm Sra. Zamora and I teach Spanish II, III and IV. 

I earned my Bachelor Degree in Education in Cuba. I am certified for teaching in the state of Florida. This is my seventeenth year at McKeel Academy and I am excited about the journey that my students will take to discover their potential to speak, read, and write Spanish. ¡Bienvenidos a mi clase!

I am the sponsor for Reading Friends club. If you have a heart for children, and would like to help second graders to improve their reading skills, email me and I will give you details about this work of love that we do every Wednesday afternoon in Jesse Keen Elementary School. 

Sra. Zamora™s Classes Supplies List

For all levels:

- iPad (The approved online dictionary is

    1. earbuds with microphone

    2. one spiral notebook

  •     3. prong, 2 pocket folder (any color)

  •     4. pencils/pens

    Students should replace supplies as needed throughout the year.  


     Tennis balls for bottom of the chairs

     Facial Tissue

Virtual orientation video

Virtual Open House 

Spanish 2 and 3

Spanish 4

AP Spanish