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Mrs. Reyes

Science Team

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Hello Wildcats! 

As individuals we challenge ourselves to meet and achieve goals in life.  My love of science and enthusiasm for helping and teaching others has fueled my goals.  I achieved many goals while earning my B.S. in Chemistry with a concentration in Secondary Education from St. Joseph's College in Brooklyn, NY.  I worked as a laboratory assistant for the high school programs at St. Joseph’s College which gave me the opportunity to stimulate adolescents minds and promote excitement for science.  While in the pharmacology and physiology labs at Downstate Medical Center, I assisted in the research on the effects of cocaine on fetal development and mental cognition of pregnant rats.  As a research fellow I discovered new methods of extracting DNA from soil and construct my undergraduate thesis, Metagenomics: Analysis of Microbes from Contaminated Urban Ecosystems Grown in the Laboratory

I started my teaching career in 2005 at an all girls high school where I taught Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science and Health.   When I moved to Florida in 2007 with my husband I continued teaching Earth Science, Physical Science, and Chemistry at George Jenkins High School. The desire to identify curricular, teaching and assessment practices that promote learning for all drove me to accomplish another goal. I earned my M.A. in Teaching and Learning Science Grades 6-12 from Kaplan University and continued to fuel my ambition to succeed as opportunities arose. I gained valuable knowledge and technology skills from my teaching experience at Florida Virtual School.  All while welcoming my daughter into the family in 2009 and son in 2012. I then returned to the traditional classroom at Lakeland Highland Middle School where I began my middle school adventure.  In 2017, I found a blend of my love for technology and the traditional classroom here at McKeel Academy of Technology.  I am continuing to fuel my mind as I work on earning my M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from American College of Education. Cheers to an awesome year! 

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