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I studied at Eastern Oregon University, where I earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in education. After becoming a teacher in 2003, I started a unique journey as an educator. My first teaching “job” was as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Republic of Moldova, which is where I fell in love with language study. Living with a Romanian-speaking family for two years, I became fluent in Romanian while also learning survival Russian. Teaching in the Peace Corps made me a more resourceful individual and teacher.

After returning to the U.S., I wanted to continue my teaching adventures abroad, both for the love of travel and for my desire to learn the Spanish language. That led me to a bilingual international school in Honduras, where I taught middle school language arts for two years. During that time, I studied Spanish with passion and great intent. 

In addition to working abroad, I have worked with language learners from around the world in U.S. schools. I also worked as an online teacher, honing tech skills that are crucial to all that we do here in McKeel Academy of Technology.

In our Spanish classroom, I ask that you come to class prepared and willing to try with an open mind. Please click on the link below to hear additional details about our classroom.

Introduction to Our Spanish Classroom Video

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