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¡Bienvenidos a la Clase de Español!
   My name is Melanie Santos. I am beginning my 10th year of teaching this year, however this is my 9th year teaching in the high school level and at McKeel Academy. I have a Bachelor's in Elementary Education from Florida Southern College and I have been trained in Comprehensible Input Language Teaching and Strategies. I also have a Cuban dog with an affinity for pizza, a spouse with a Mexican stomach and the highest tolerance for spicy foods of anyone I know, and a sweet tooth with a preference for baked goods with chocolate in them. 😄

   This year I will be teaching Spanish 1 and Spanish 2. Spanish one is great because students grow so much. It's awesome to see the student's amazement at what they can do at the end of the year compared to what they knew at the beginning. Spanish two is great because students have a chance to further explore the language and to investigate topics of interest from the perspective of the Hispanic World. I'm excited to get started!
   If you want to know more details about class you can click the link to the Interactive Syllabus below:

Interactive Syllabus for 2018-2019

Supply List:

  1. ear buds with microphone (All the listening assignments and tests are recorded)
  2. several pens
  3. several pencils
  4. one spiral notebook
  5. one pocket folder


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