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     Hello!   My name is Cristy Hess, and this will be my 3rd year teaching at MAT. I was born and raised here in Lakeland, Florida. I graduated in 1991 from Kathleen High School, and continued my education at Polk Community College after half raising my children. I earned my AS degree in Nursing in 2009. I worked for one year in a local SNF, but realized shortly after I started that this was not what I wanted to do the rest of my career. I stayed on staff there for over a year however to gain more experience. I was team leader, and trained many of the new nursing staff at this facility. I was then given the opportunity to work in a local Emergency Room.  I loved the organized chaos that the Emergency Room provided, but have an overwhelming love for teenagers and feel it is important to raise up future leaders in the medical field. To say I am passionate about this would be an understatement. 

       I have 3 adult children. My boys are 25 and 22,  and they both became dads for the first time last school year, making me a grandma. My daughter is 19 and was born with spina bifida. She has had over 45 surgeries in the past 19 years, so my experience in nursing goes far beyond the 10 years that I have been an RN. She is an incredible blessing to our family and often reminds me that life is good! I also work with a youth group at a local church, and have been involved with teenagers for over 20 years. I am incredibly honored to have this opportunity to pour into young people and cannot wait to see what the future holds for them.

Cristy M. Hess, RN

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