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Mr. Flick

Math Team

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Welcome to Advanced Placement Calculus AB, Advanced Placement Calculus BC, and Honors PreCalculus! I'm a graduate of Southeastern University with a degree in Secondary Mathematics Education. This will be my 10th year at McKeel (12th overall) and we're going to have a fannnnntastic year!

A couple things about me would include: I have an extreme passion for Gator basketball, and if you see me wearing orange and blue during basketball season, you can probably guess that they have a game that day. I also enjoy many other things such as spending time with my wife (who teaches Kindergarten at SMA), golf, wood-working, hiking, and food. I also have two awesome sons, John & Luke, that definitely keep me on my toes.

I look forward to my students having a greater appreciation for the beauty that is Mathematics. 

In the words of Lagrange, "As long as algebra and geometry traveled separate paths their advance was slow and their applications limited. But when these two sciences joined company, they drew from each other fresh vitality and thenceforth marched on at a rapid pace toward perfection."

I am also the coach for the High School Academic Team and the club sponsor of Mu Alpha Theta (the Mathematics Honor Society). Let me know if your interested in joining...

Supplies for AP Calculus AB/BC:

2 Notebooks 

1 Graphing Calculator (preferably a TI-84)

1 folder (any color...I suggest orange or blue :)

Pencils and at least 1 colored pen


2 personal Expo markers

Supplies for PreCalculus Honors:

2 Notebooks 

1 Calculator (preferably a TI-84 or your scientific from Algebra II)

1 folder (any color...I suggest orange or blue :)

Pencils and at least 1 colored pen


2 personal Expo markers

Wish List:

Extra Expo Markers...bring on the boardpoints!

Hand Sanitizer

Virtual PreCalculus Orientation Video..

Traditional Orientation Video...(PreCalc, Calc AB & BC)...

Cumulative Pass Rates for my AP classes...(since 2014...I'm getting old!)

AP Calculus AB - 81.5%

5's - 30.1%      4's - 30.1%       3's - 21.3%

AP Calculus BC - 100%

5's - 79.3%      4's - 13.8%      3's - 6.9%

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