McKeel Canvas for Parents and Guardians

McKeel Academy of Technology (MAT) has effectively used the software Canvas to connect our teachers to the students who are enrolled in their classes. Here students can access the course content and on-line digital tools in and out of the classroom, making them more successful. Now, parents and guardians can also access Canvas to see grades and teacher comments to better support their student.

What does Canvas do for my student?

All courses at MAT are created for the teacher in Canvas and the students in that class are enrolled. Canvas has for each course assignments, videos, quizzes, discussion and more – everything the student needs for that course. MAT uses Canvas to support what is happening during class. Not only can assignments and quizzes can be graded in Canvas, the teacher can provide feedback, observations, and other comments about the student’s work.

Because the majority of the content is online, students have 24/7 access to notes and other course materials. In many cases, students will be able to determine and work on what was done in their classes on days they are absent. Canvas can be accessed anywhere in the world through an internet connected device, such as an iPad or home computer.

What does Canvas do for me?

Every parent or guardian who signs up for a Parent Account here at MAT is enrolled into the same courses as your students. You are enrolled as an Observer and can view your students’ course grades and comments. If you would like to learn more, click here for the Helpful Guide for Observers.

With a Parent Account, you can choose to receive email notifications such as a weekly summary of assignments and upcoming due dates. These options can be selected under the Notifications tab of the Canvas Settings page, click here for more information about notifications.

Canvas can grade items? What about the Gradebook?

Canvas has changed grading for our teachers allowing them to focus more on providing helpful feedback to their students. Grades flow from Canvas to our Gradebook program, however you will want to access both. Look to Canvas for individual assignment feedback. Refer to MAT Gradebook for your students assignment grades and overall course grades including quarter averages and weighting.

Sounds great, but how do I access Canvas?

You must have a Parent Account with MAT to access Canvas. Because you must sign up for an account at the school, often it is done during Orientation or on Parent Nights. However, you can do it at any time by stopping by the school office.

Access Canvas by signing into this website by clicking Sign In in the upper right corner – using your user name and password. Or you can go directly to and log in there.

Forgotten your password? Click here if you have a Parent Account but have forgotten your password