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Mr. Athanas

Social Studies Team

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I am completely honored by joining the faculty at here at McKeel Academy.  This is my fourth year of teaching.  Last year, I joined the McKeel family by teaching 7th grade Civics at the South McKeel campus.  Before being an McKeel Wildcat, I previously taught at Lake Gibson Middle in Lakeland, where I taught 6th grade World History, 7th-grade Civics, and 7th/8th grade US History.  

I am originally from Boston (the birthplace of the American Revolution) and graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in History in 2008 from The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC (our nation's capital).  During my undergraduate studies, I had two amazing internships - one that sparked my interest in government by interning with the White House (during the George W. Bush Presidency) and then with the Smithsonian Institute during my senior year of college!I also graduated with my Masters of Education from Northeastern University in 2015 in Boston.

This year I'll be teaching the following subjects: AP US History, US History, and  Government & Economics!

I love the ability to connect the principles of our present government to what the founding fathers originally had envisioned over 200 years ago!   

I look forward to teaching this year at McKeel Academy!  Go Wildcats! 

Course Introduction Videos:

US Government & Economics: 

US History (1860 - Present): 

AP US History (1491 - Present): 

"It's not tyranny we desire; it's a just, limited, federal government." ~ Alexander Hamilton. 

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