Coronavirus Information

For information surrounding COVID-19 and McKeel Distance Learning please go to

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Parent Contact

Dr. Linda Acocelli is our designated parent contact person should you have questions, concerns, or need assistance resolving any issues pertaining to school operations. You may contact Dr. Acocelli at 499-2818 x254 or email her at

School Hours

  • School will begin promptly at 8:45AM and end at 2:30PM

Absence Reporting Information

All student absences should be reported in advance. If a student is absent due to personal illness, hospitalization or extended illness, court­ordered appearance, death/funeral of immediate family or a traffic accident directly involving the student; it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure the absence is excused by emailing or calling (863) 499­2818 extension 267 and turning in a written letter signed by parent/guardian within 3 days of returning to school.

Additionally, absences may only be excused by a parent letter, for up to 10 days per semester. Absences beyond 10 days must have medical documentation. Such documentation must excuse specific dates. Religious holidays are excused when prior written notice is given to administration. If there is advanced notice of an extended period of absences (3 or more days), a prearranged absence form should be completed and returned to Student Services. Please note that prearranged absences must be approved by school administration before they are considered excused absences.